One of the most difficult aspects of getting a divorce is deciding on what to do with the House.

Raising many issues, from the emotional to financial the house presents many questions.
Jaime Fernandez facilitates this process by educating his clients on their options, and can assist
you with real estate matters throughout the course of your divorce.

The family home is usually the most valuable asset in divorce. You must know how to deal with your house during a divorce.
Additionally, and more importantly, NOT selling the house during a divorce is among the riskiest divorce options regarding the marital home.


Where one spouse retains the house post divorce, either or both spouses risk significant, adverse exposure from: liens/clouded title, mortgage/consumer credit decline, default/foreclosure, bankruptcy, and other potentially devastating post-divorce financial/standard of living issues.

Successfully selling the former family home at any time, especially in a slow market, requires a multi-faceted, proactive approach.

Divorce Real Estate Specialists examine the legal, financial and emotional interaction between disposition of the former family home and issues of: marital/separate property, title/joint tenancy, real property and other assets; valuation of property; calculation of current and future house equity; capital gains and other tax and deduction issues; post-divorce standard of living, collaboration -professional cooperation for mutual gain (time/effort/money) and emotional closure.

Divorce can be a trying time and your future depends on setting the emotional aspect aside and positioning yourself for your future.

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